Good events shouldn't be hard.

We at EVNT do more than event management – we teach you the skills for a lifetime.

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Our Services

We offer a variety of services with seasoned planners behind the wheel and an emphasis on the educational value of event management.

Brand Creation

We can help you market through developing an online presence and a unique interest in your brand.


Your event needs all sorts of support – financial, venue, administrative – to execute it well. We'll be right there with you.

24/7 Support

We know that event planning can require help at the most random times, so we’ll always be there for you.


We take a unique perspective on the traditional event consulting industry by challenging the authority associated with age and education level. EVNT planners are not just well-qualified; in fact, they have knowledge about and connections with key audiences that most traditional consultants don't have.

All Day, Every Day

We’re just a click away – get advice and support on a variety of issues 24/7.


Events aren’t cheap, and we know that. That’s why our prices are just a fraction of typical event consultants.

For The Future

We believe that everyone can host a good event. Working with EVNT will teach you the invaluable skills needed for every career.

Pick & Choose

All of us have different strengths, and there’s no need to pay for what you can already do. So, EVNT allows you to get help from specific areas that you choose.

Our Projects

Hack Camp 2017
Hack Chicago
Midpointe Library System
STEM Explorations

Our Team

We strive to not only make the best events, but to do so while passing on the torch of knowledge. To do so, EVNT's philosophy is that experience, not age or education, is the key to a great, qualified EVNT planner.

Megan Cui

Megan Cui


Dalton Craven

Dalton Craven


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